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by Xerxes The Dark

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The 10th Anniversary Album by the first Iranian Dark Ambient Music Project, Xerxes The Dark.
Originally Released by Kalpamantra on 29,Nov,2016.
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#1) Review written by PHILIPPE BLACHE, Igloo Magazine:
Mohamad Reza (Morego Dimmer) is a skilled sound designer working under various monikers and exploring a wide spectrum of electronic music, from chill-out to space ambient, cosmic synth music and monolithic dark drone. Mohamad is coming from Iran, a country which has shown a growing interest to contemplative electronic music since a few years notably with the now acclaimed Alphaxone by Mehdi Saleh.

#2) Review by Thelema Veritas, Published at Resounding Footsteps:
To be fair, it’s hard to pin down exactly what kind of ambient artist Xerxes the Dark is, he throws a lot of sounds and mixtures at the listeners. A lot of his stuff could be categorized as drone, others could be considered industrial, or even neo classical, space, or electronic. I only bring this point up because each of the songs on Transmutation celebrate his chameleon ability to create several different styles while maintaining a needed level of excellence to be called a real dark ambient artist. I won’t look at every single song (durp) but I will say that each song is a separate story, each song has a separate narrative and purpose. Each song utilizes a different subgenre in celebration of 10 years (which impresses me because I’ve been doing this for 7 months and I feel like I’ve been doing it forever now).

Each song’s narrative is entirely up to the listener to discern and decide. The emotional and philosophical paths that the listener-protagonist takes is entirely up to them. It is my belief that each song is a celebration of the achievement of mastering a certain style of dark ambient, as I said, each song is different and each song utilizes a different style of dark ambient. The entire album is ethereal, with a sort of foggy, smoky quality to the music. It’s not thick or rich, rather it makes the listener chase after it; the melodies, such as they are, form so quickly and vanish it can seem chaotic at first. I thought so my first listen but my second gave me a different perspective: that even though the melodies came and went quickly, they left imprints in the listener’s mind, they buried themselves in the subconscious. Smell might be the strongest sense tied to memory but sound has a more effective means of recalling emotions (at least that’s what it feels like for me, feel free to disagree with that point) and I think with each subsequent listen to Transmutation, the listener will recall more and more of the melody and of all the things going on around them as they listen, the music becomes something like a key.


released November 29, 2016

All Songs Written, Recorded and Mastered by Morego Dimmer at DIM*Studio in Different Sessions from Feb 2016 to Nov 2016.
Album Art and Graphic Design by MRG*Photographics
Produced by Morego Dimmer (Mohamadreza G.)



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Xerxes The Dark Tehran, Iran

"XERXES THE DARK" is a Dark Ambient project founded by Morego Dimmer in 2005. XTD is a conceptual ambient project with the essence of experimental journeys into the dark and psychedelic space. Xerxes The Dark also is the first Iranian dark ambient music project. Main musical theme of the project is based on "space, time and beyond...". ... more

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